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MA Studentships in Visual Anthropology

The UK government research agency, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) has recently announced that after this year, it will no longer be offering free-standing MA-level grants. This means that this coming academic year, 2012-2013, will be the LAST YEAR for which it will be possible to get an AHRC studentship to take the MA in Visual Anthropology offered at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology.
We have the possibility of offering up to two such studentships, which can cover both fees and subsistence costs. They are open to all EU citizens, though only UK citizens can be awarded subsistence costs as well as fees. An important factor to note is that these are awards given for those applying to 'Professional Preparation Masters', i.e. for those who envisage using the skills that they develop through the programme in a professional context which may be outside academic life (though not necessarily).

Further details about these studentships and how to apply are to be found on the University of Manchester website.

NB the deadline for applications is 2 March 2012

Esta nota foi divulgada por
Paul Henley
Professor of Visual Anthropology
Director, Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology,
School of Social Sciences, 2.061 Arthur Lewis Building,
University of Manchester M13 9PL

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